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Hi there and welcome to TennisCompanion!

We’re so excited you stopped by and can’t wait to help you learn more about how to play tennis. As you may have noticed, it can be tough to find quality online resources that provide helpful tennis instruction so you can learn more about the sport.

But, that’s exactly why we’ve put together this website for you! TennisCompanion is a free resource to help people just like you learn more about tennis and improve their game.

Whether you’re picking up a racquet for the first time and looking to learn the basics, have experience and you’re looking to take your game to the next level or have years of competitive experience and looking to fine tune your game, TennisCompanion has instructional materials for all levels of play and we look forward to sharing with you.

Tennis Instruction For All Ages & Levels of Play

Beginner Instruction
If you’re new to tennis we’re excited to have you. Tennis is an amazing sport that we’re confident anyone at any level can thoroughly enjoy. As you’ll also find, tennis is a lifetime sport that can be played well into your later years of life.

With a mix of surfaces, team and solo competition as well as a worldwide community of competitive and recreational tennis players, the sport has something for everyone. We look forward to helping you learn as much as you can so that you can get the most out of tennis and enjoy your time on the court.

Intermediate Instruction
For those of you who’ve been hitting the court for some time we welcome you as well. As you’ve already come to know, tennis is as challenging a sport as it is fun and there’s always something new and rewarding to learn.

Whether you’re looking to turn an already consistent second serve into a weapon, want to strengthen your backhand so it doesn’t get picked on or improve your net game so that you can take control of the court, we look forward to providing you with learning resources and instructional materials that will help take your game to the next level.

Advanced Instruction
As your game evolves and you begin to master your strokes, you’ll find you begin to enter a whole different realm of the sport. It’s at this stage where fitness, strategy and mental toughness (which are important at all levels of the game) can truly make a difference. Recognizing this, we’re here to provide you with the tennis instruction you need to gain an edge and overcome tough opponents.

Actionable Tennis Instruction You Can Start Using Today

We get it. Whether you’re just coming off a tough loss, struggling with your second serve, losing consistency in your forehand or just plain feeling like you’re in a slump, you’re looking for tennis instruction that you can apply to your game today.

As tennis players, we recognize that the game is a mental rollercoaster full of ups and downs, challenges and struggles. You can go from feeling like Roger or Serena one day, to losing to the worst pusher ever to play the game next. You can go from a serving machine with pinpoint accuracy to serving double faults like it’s your job. And, perhaps the most difficult, you can go from feeling like a rockstar on the court to wondering why the heck you ever picked up a racquet in the first place… yes, we get that too.

The fact is, tennis is complex. It’s one of the few mainstream sports played without a team, so you’re stuck with yourself when you fall into a mental rut. Subtle changes to your form or footwork can dramatically impact how effective your shots are. Even the court surface or tension of your strings can completely throw you off.

The good news is that you’re not in this alone. At TennisCompanion we’re passionate about truly useful tennis instruction that you can apply today to help you improve your game. As a result, we’re continually developing learning materials that solve real problems and we’re constantly listening to our community to try and understand which topics we can cover to help you fix problems or take your game to the next level.