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What is a Tennis Grand Slam? Definition + Essential Info

What is a Tennis Grand Slam?

Definition + Essential Info

By Jon Crim

Originally coined in 1933, Grand Slam refers to a player winning all four major tennis tournaments in a calendar year, including the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open.

The achievement is so rare that only five players have completed the feat in their careers, which we’ll discuss in this article. We’ll also cover the term’s history, relevant tournaments, how people more broadly apply the phrase in tennis, and various stats to help shed light on its significance.

Beyond the Grand Slam, several related accomplishments are noteworthy, so we’ll dig into those individually and then wrap things up with a complete list of all Grand Slam winners since 1877 when The Championships at Wimbledon first began in the United Kingdom.

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Grand Slam Origin & Usage

When Wimbledon, one of the world’s most significant tennis tournaments, started in 1877, the notion of a Grand Slam didn’t exist, and for a good reason, the other major tennis tournaments hadn’t yet begun.

Here’s a quick timeline of when each tournament first opened its doors.

  • Wimbledon: 1877
  • US Open: 1881
  • French Open: 1891
  • Australian Open: 1905

Over time, these tournaments established themselves as premier events, which held significant weight. Until 1932, many players competed in all four events, but no player won more than two in a single year.

However, in 1932, Australian tennis player Jack Crawford made history when he won the first three majors back to back and then found his way to the finals of the US Open against Fred Perry of the UK.

Ahead of the match, New Your Times writer John Kieran wrote that Jack’s success against Fred would be akin to a Grand Slam, referencing a bidding convention in the popular card game bridge.

Although Jack Crawford wasn’t successful, losing in five sets to Fred Perry, the term stuck. Interestingly, Fred Perry narrowly missed his opportunity at a Grand Slam the following year, only losing the French Open.

Five years later, American Don Budge became the first player to complete a Grand Slam, winning all four tournaments in the calendar year.

To date, only five players, male or female, have achieved the feat playing singles. Here’s a list of the players who have completed a Grand Slam.

Don Budge1938AmericaSingles
Rod Laver1962AustraliaSingles
Rod Laver1969AustraliaSingles
Maureeen Connolly1953United StatesSingles
Margaret Court1970AustraliaSingles
Steffi Graf1988GermanySingles

Rod Laver’s accomplishment is unique because he not only achieved it twice but did so as an amateur before and after the Open Era, which began in 1968.

As a side note, Stefan Edberg achieved a Grand Slam in boys singles, standing alone in that achievement.

Beyond singles, there have been nine players to achieve a Grand Slam in various doubles. Here’s an overview of those.

Ken McGregor1951AustraliMen’s Doubles
Franck Sedgman1951AustraliaMen’s Doubles
Maria Bueno1960BrazilWomen’s Doubles
Martina Navratilova1984United StatesWomen’s Doubles
Pam Shriver1984United StatesWomen’s Doubles
Martina Hingis1998SwitzerlandWomen’s Doubles
Margaret Court1963/1965AustraliaMixed Doubles
Ken Fletcher1963AustraliaMixed Doubles
Owen Davidson1967AustraliaMixed Doubles

Today, a Grand Slam remains one of the most significant achievements in tennis. Serena Williams came close in 2015, and Novak Djokovic also missed an opportunity in 2021.

Margaret Court is the only player to complete the Grand Slam in two disciplines – singles and mixed doubles.

Grand Slam Usage

Initially, the term Grand Slam only referred to a specific achievement where a player won all found majors in a calendar year.

However, the term has been somewhat genericized in that these days players and fans from around the world more broadly refer to the majors as Grand Slam events or simply Grand Slams.

Here are a few examples of the more generic term used in a sentence:

  • Andre Agassi won 8 Grand Slams during his career.
  • What Grand Slams have you attended?
  • The Australian Open is the first Grand Slam of the year.

Technically, it would be more accurate to call swap Grand Slam in the above sentences for ‘majors’ or ‘Grand Slam events.’ Still, the above usage is perfectly acceptable and widely understood.

Although the Grand Slam remains one of the most recognizable achievements in tennis, there is a wide range of similar or related accomplishments that are noteworthy and impressive.

This section will touch on each and share the players that have achieved them throughout history.

Non-Calendar Grand Slam

Although arguably not as prestigious, a player achieves a non-calendar Grand Slam when they hold all four major titles simultaneously, but not in a single calendar year.

For example, suppose a player missed the Australian Open, the first major of the year, but won the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open and returned the following year to win the Australian Open. In that case, they’d have completed a non-calendar Grand Slam.

Many argue the feat is equally as impressive as a Grand Slam, but it doesn’t hold quite as much weight. Here’s a list of players who have accomplished this feat in singles or doubles.

Novak Djokovic2015–2016SerbiaMen’s Singles
Martina Navratilova1983–1984United StatesWomen’s Singles
Steffi Graf1993–1994GermanyWomen’s Singles
Serena Williams2002–2003/2014–2015United StatesWomen’s Singles
Bob Bryan 2012–2013United StatesMen’s Doubles
Mike Bryan 2012–2013United StatesMen’s Doubles
Louise Brough1949–1950United StatesWomen’s Doubles
Martina Navratilova1986–1987United StatesWomen’s Doubles
Pam Shriver1986–1987United StatesWomen’s Doubles
Gigi Fernández1992–1993United StatesWomen’s Doubles
Natasha Zvereva1992–1993/1996–1997BelarusWomen’s Doubles
Serena Williams2009–2010United StatesWomen’s Doubles
Venus Williams2009–2010United StatesWomen’s Doubles
Billie Jean King1967–1968United StatesMixed Doubles

Career Grand Slam

Once introduced to the topic of a Grand Slam in tennis, you’ll likely stumble upon the Career Grand Slam, which refers to any player who won all four Grand Slam tournaments throughout their career.

Although it remains an impressive feat, the non-consecutive or time-boxed nature of a career Grand Slam makes it not quite as prestigious.

Only 18 players have accomplished a Career Grand Slam in singles, while 62 players have done it in doubles. To avoid table overload in this article, I’m only going to include the 18 players in singles.

Fred PerryAmateur EraSerbiaMen’s Singles
Don BudgeAmateur EraUnited StatesMen’s Singles
Rod Laver x2Amateur EraAustraliaMen’s Singles
Roy Emerson x2Amateur EraAustraliaMen’s Singles
Andre AgassiOpen EraUnited StatesMen’s Singles
Roger FedererOpen EraSwitzerlandMen’s Singles
Rafael NadalOpen EraSpainMen’s Singles
Novak Djokovic x2Open EraSerbiaMen’s Singles
Maureen ConnollyAmateur EraUnited StatesWomen’s Singles
Doris HartAmateur EraUnited StatesWomen’s Singles
Shirley Fry IrvinAmateur EraUnited StatesWomen’s Singles
Margaret Court x3Amateur EraAustraliaWomen’s Singles
Billie Jean KingMixedUnited StatesWomen’s Singles
Chris Evert x2Open EraUnited StatesWomen’s Singles
Martina Navratilova x2Open EraUnited StatesWomen’s Singles
Steffi Graf x4Open EraGermanyWomen’s Singles
Serena Williams x3Open EraUnited StatesWomen’s Singles
Maria SharapovaOpen EraRussiaWomen’s Singles

Listed next to relevant player names, I’ve identified those who have achieved a career Grand Slam more than one time.

Golden Slam

A Golden Slam takes the notion of a Grand Slam and ups the ante. In addition to winning all four majors in a calendar year, the player who wins a Golden Slam must also win Olympic Gold that same year.

Considering the summer Olympics only happens every four years, this is a particularly unique accomplishment. It’s worth noting that tennis wasn’t an Olympic sport from 1924 to 1987, so many players throughout history never had the opportunity to compete for a Golden Slam during their careers.

Across the ATP and WTA tours, Steffi Graf is the only player to have achieved a Golden Slam in her career. However, it’s also worth noting that wheelchair tennis players Dylan Alcott and Diede de Groot also managed to accomplish the feat.

Steff Graf pulled it off in 1988, and Dylan Alcott and Diede de Groot accomplished it in 2021. The tennis community coined the term Golden Slam when Steffi Graf first pulled it off during her career.

As you might expect, the tennis world also keeps track of players who complete a career Golden Slam. That is, a player who wins all four majors and Olympic gold independent of time frame.

Andre AgassiUnited StatesMen’s Singles
Rafael NadalSpainMen’s Singles
Steffi GrafGermanyWomen’s Singles
Serena WilliamsUnited StatesWomen’s Singles
Todd WoodbridgeAustraliaMen’s Doubles
Mark WoodfordeAustraliaMen’s Doubles
Daniel NestorCanadaMen’s Doubles
Bob BryanUnited StatesMen’s Doubles
Mike BryanUnited StatesMen’s Doubles
Pam ShriverUnited StatesWomen’s Doubles
Gigi FernándezUnited StatesWomen’s Doubles
Serena WilliamsUnited StatesWomen’s Doubles
Venus WilliamsUnited StatesWomen’s Doubles

During their 2012 and 2013 seasons, doubles players Bob and Mike Bryan became the first to achieve a non-calendar Golden Slam.

Super Slam

Although a Golden Slam feels like a near-impossible accomplishment for many, a Super Slam takes things one step further.

In addition to winning all four majors and Olympic gold, a player must also win the season-ending finals in a calendar year to achieve a Super Slam. In 2021, that would include winning the ATP or WTA finals for men’s and women’s tennis or the Wheelchair Tennis Masters for players with disabilities.

Until 2021, no player had accomplished the feat. However, Diede de Groot managed to become the first player ever to do so.

Furthermore, Steffi Graf achieved a non-calendar Super Slam when she won the season-ending championships in 1987, then followed it up with her impressive year in 1988, winning all majors and Olympic gold.

As you might expect, the notion of a career Super Slam does exist with three players in singles, seven players in doubles, two players in wheelchair singles, and ten players in wheelchair doubles. I’ve listed the players in singles and doubles below.

Andre AgassiUnited StatesMen’s Singles
Steffi GrafGermanyWomen’s Singles
Serena WilliamsUnited StatesWomen’s Singles
Todd WoodbridgeAustraliaMen’s Doubles
Mark WoodfordeAustraliaMen’s Doubles
Daniel NestorCanadaMen’s Doubles
Bob BryanUnited StatesMen’s Doubles
Mike BryanUnited StatesMen’s Doubles
Pam ShriverUnited StatesWomen’s Doubles
Gigi FernándezUnited StatesWomen’s Doubles

Three-Quarter Slam

Players who miss winning a Grand Slam by one event are said to have achieved a Three-Quarter Slam. More specifically, a player must win three Grand Slam events in a calendar year.

There are quite a few players who have achieved this feat during their career, but only five were in a position to win the Grand Slam while competing at the final major of the year.

In total, the following number of players have achieved this feat:

  • 19 singles
  • 47 doubles
  • 6 wheelchair singles
  • 7 wheelchair doubles
  • 5 junior singles
  • 20 junior doubles
  • 104 total

A handful of these players had the opportunity to achieve a Grand Slam during the year’s final major, including Jack Crawford, Lew Hoad, Novak Djokovic, Martina Navratilova, and Serena Williams.

Surface Slam

As it might sound, Surface Slam is a term that describes any player who wins a Grand Slam title on each of the three court surfaces, which include hard court, clay, and grass. Here are the tournaments and their respective surfaces.

  • Australian Open: Hard
  • French Open: Clay
  • Wimbledon: Grass
  • US Open: Hard

Therefore, a player can win either the Australian Open or US Open, plus the French Open and Wimbledon in a calendar year, to claim a Surface Slam.

Here’s the number of players to achieve a Surface Slam by discipline.

  • 5 singles
  • 16 doubles
  • 3 wheelchair singles
  • 13 wheelchair doubles
  • 4 junior singles
  • 13 junior doubles
  • 108 total

Although less discussed, there’s also the notion of a non-calendar Surface Slam and career Surface Slam.

Channel Slam

Two of the sport’s most prestigious tournaments, Wimbledon in London and the French Open in Paris, take place a few weeks apart.

As a point of reference, for 2022, the French Open will take place from May 16th to June 5th. At the same time, Wimbledon will begin on June 27th and end on July 10th. Only 22 days separate the end of the French Open and the beginning of Wimbledon.

This timeframe is unique mainly due to the difference in court surfaces, clay for the French Open, and grass for Wimbledon. Clay is the sport’s slowest surface, while grass is its fastest, making transitioning from one to the next tricky, especially with limited time.

Players who win these tournaments back to back have won a Channel Slam, arguably one of the most challenging accomplishments a player can achieve. The term comes from the English Channel, which geographically separates these two tournaments.

In total, the following number of players have achieved this feat:

  • 22 singles
  • 78 doubles
  • 3 wheelchair singles
  • 16 wheelchair doubles
  • 17 junior singles
  • 32 junior doubles
  • 276 total

Professional Slam (Pro Slam)

Up until the Open Era, tennis players fell into one of two camps: amateur or professional. Amateur players didn’t compete for money, while the pros played tournaments to make a living.

As a result, these players didn’t compete against each other. Most notably, professionals weren’t allowed to play in the majors, i.e., the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open.

Despite that, the men’s pro tour did have a set of tournaments that were rough equivalents to the majors played by amateurs, which included the Wembley Championships in London, the French Pro Championships in Paris, and the US Pro Championships, held at a variety of venues throughout the United States. It’s worth noting that these tournaments did not offer a women’s draw.

A player claimed a Professional Slam when they won all three of these events in a calendar year, which Ken Rosewall and Rod Laver achieved in 1963 and 1967, respectively.

Players who achieved a career Professional Slam include Americans Ellsworth Vines and Don Budge and German tennis player Hans Nüsslein.

Boxed Set

Perhaps one of the lesser-known accomplishments in tennis is the boxed set, a career achievement where a player wins at least one of every major title across each discipline in tennis: singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.

More specifically, a player needs to win a major title in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles at the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open for a total of 12 major titles.

Only three female players have achieved this feat, including Margaret Court, Doris Hart, and Martina Navratilova.

Grand Slam Tournaments

Every year there are four Grand Slam tournaments or events. A player who wins all four of them in a calendar year has achieved a Grand Slam.

These tournaments are the most significant in tennis for a variety of reasons, including their history, size, ranking points, and prize money. As a result, they also garner the most attention from fans.

Australian Open

The Australian Open is the first major of the year, taking place in Melbourne Park every January. Initially, it was a grass court tournament, but it changed to hard courts in 1988.

Due to its remote geographic location, the Australian Open has a unique history. The tournament first began in 1905 but wasn’t officially designated as a major until 1924.

Many of the sport’s top players skipped the tournament rather than make the long journey by boat, which would have caused many players to miss the holidays, i.e., Christmas and the New Year.

Eventually, when air travel became common in the 1950s, more players began to travel to the tournament, but player attendance didn’t pick up significantly until the 1980s. These days, the event is a crucial stop on the calendar for the world’s top players.

LocationMelbourne, Australia
Draw128 singles / 64 doubles
Ranking Points for Winner2,000
Prize Money$71,500,000 (2021)
Attendance812,000 (2020)*

*Showing pre-pandemic attendance number

French Open

Following the Australian Open on the calendar, the French Open, otherwise known as Roland Garros, kicks off every year at the end of May and is the only major played on clay courts.

The tournament takes place at the Stade Roland-Garros in Paris, France, named after World War I aviation hero Roland Garros.

In 1891, the event opened its doors for the first time, but it wasn’t designated a major until 1925.

LocationParis, France
Draw128 singles / 64 doubles
Ranking Points for Winner2,000
Prize Money$47,995,331 (2019)*
Attendance480,575 (2019)*

*Showing pre-pandemic attendance and prize numbers


Wimbledon is the world’s oldest tennis tournament and therefore considered by many to be the most prestigious.

Held at the All England Lawn Club, the Wimbledon Championships first took place in 1877. The tournament is the third major of the year, which runs during July on grass tennis courts in Wimbledon, London.

LocationWimbledon, London
Draw128 singles / 64 doubles
Ranking Points for Winner2,000
Prize Money$50,829,750 (2019)
Attendance500,397 (2019)*

*Showing pre-pandemic attendance and prize numbers

US Open

The US Open is the second oldest major, which takes place in New York City, NY, at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

Like the Australian Open, the US Open is a hard court tournament and the final major of the year, which begins at the end of August.

In 1881, the tournament first took place at the Newport Casino, which now houses the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

LocationNew York City, NY, US
Draw128 singles / 64 doubles
Ranking Points for Winner2,000
Prize Money$57,426,000 (2019)*
Attendance631,134 (2019)*

*Showing pre-pandemic attendance and prize numbers

Male Grand Slam Winners

Here’s a complete list of the male tennis players who have won a Grand Slam tournament and the runner-up, starting in 1877 when Wimbledon first took place.

2022Australian OpenRafael NadalDaniil Medvedev
2021US OpenDaniil MedvedevNovak Djokovic
2021WimbledonNovak DjokovicMatteo Berrettini
2021French OpenNovak DjokovicStefanos Tsitsipas
2021Australian OpenNovak DjokovicDaniil Medvedev
2020French OpenRafael NadalNovak Djokovic
2020US OpenDominic ThiemAlexander Zverev
2020Australian OpenNovak DjokovicDominic Thiem
2019US OpenRafael NadalDaniil Medvedev
2019WimbledonNovak DjokovicRoger Federer
2019French OpenRafael NadalDominic Thiem
2019Australian OpenNovak DjokovicRafael Nadal
2018US OpenNovak DjokovicJuan Martin del Potro
2018WimbledonNovak DjokovicKevin Anderson
2018French OpenRafael NadalDominic Thiem
2018Australian OpenRoger FedererMarin Cilic
2017US OpenRafael NadalKevin Anderson
2017WimbledonRoger FedererMarin Cilic
2017French OpenRafael NadalStan Wawrinka
2017Australian OpenRoger FedererRafael Nadal
2016US OpenStan WawrinkaNovak Djokovic
2016WimbledonAndy MurrayMilos Raonic
2016French OpenNovak DjokovicAndy Murray
2016Australian OpenNovak DjokovicAndy Murray
2015US OpenNovak DjokovicRoger Federer
2015WimbledonNovak DjokovicRoger Federer
2015French OpenStan WawrinkaNovak Djokovic
2015Australian OpenNovak DjokovicAndy Murray
2014US OpenMarin CilicKei Nishikori
2014WimbledonNovak DjokovicRoger Federer
2014French OpenRafael NadalNovak Djokovic
2014Australian OpenStan WawrinkaRafael Nadal
2013US OpenRafael NadalNovak Djokovic
2013WimbledonAndy MurrayNovak Djokovic
2013French OpenRafael NadalDavid Ferrer
2013Australian OpenNovak DjokovicAndy Murray
2012US OpenAndy MurrayNovak Djokovic
2012WimbledonRoger FedererAndy Murray
2012French OpenRafael NadalNovak Djokovic
2012Australian OpenNovak DjokovicRafael Nadal
2011US OpenNovak DjokovicRafael Nadal
2011WimbledonNovak DjokovicRafael Nadal
2011French OpenRafael NadalRoger Federer
2011Australian OpenNovak DjokovicAndy Murray
2010US OpenRafael NadalNovak Djokovic
2010WimbledonRafael NadalTomas Berdych
2010French OpenRafael NadalRobin Soderling
2010Australian OpenRoger FedererAndy Murray
2009US OpenJuan Martin del PotroRoger Federer
2009WimbledonRoger FedererAndy Roddick
2009French OpenRoger FedererRobin Soderling
2009Australian OpenRafael NadalRoger Federer
2008US OpenRoger FedererAndy Murray
2008WimbledonRafael NadalRoger Federer
2008French OpenRafael NadalRoger Federer
2008Australian OpenNovak DjokovicJo-Wilfried Tsonga
2007US OpenRoger FedererNovak Djokovic
2007WimbledonRoger FedererRafael Nadal
2007French OpenRafael NadalRoger Federer
2007Australian OpenRoger FedererFernando Gonzalez
2006US OpenRoger FedererAndy Roddick
2006WimbledonRoger FedererRafael Nadal
2006French OpenRafael NadalRoger Federer
2006Australian OpenRoger FedererMarcos Baghdatis
2005US OpenRoger FedererAndre Agassi
2005WimbledonRoger FedererAndy Roddick
2005French OpenRafael NadalMariano Puerta
2005Australian OpenMarat SafinLleyton Hewitt
2004US OpenRoger FedererLleyton Hewitt
2004WimbledonRoger FedererAndy Roddick
2004French OpenGaston GaudioGuillermo Coria
2004Australian OpenRoger FedererMarat Safin
2003US OpenAndy RoddickJuan Carlos Ferrero
2003WimbledonRoger FedererMark Philippoussis
2003French OpenJuan Carlos FerreroMartin Verkerk
2003Australian OpenAndre AgassiRainer Schuettler
2002US OpenPete SamprasAndre Agassi
2002WimbledonLleyton HewittDavid Nalbandian
2002French OpenAlbert CostaJuan Carlos Ferrero
2002Australian OpenThomas JohannsonMarat Safin
2001US OpenLleyton HewittPete Sampras
2001WimbledonGoran IvanisevicPatrick Rafter
2001French OpenGustavo KuertenAlex Corretja
2001Australian OpenAndre AgassiArnaud Clement
2000US OpenMarat SafinPete Sampras
2000WimbledonPete SamprasPatrick Rafter
2000French OpenGustavo KuertenMagnus Norman
2000Australian OpenAndre AgassiYevgeny Kafelnikov
1999US OpenAndre AgassiTodd Martin
1999WimbledonPete SamprasAndre Agassi
1999French OpenAndre AgassiAndre Medvedev
1999Australian OpenYevgeny KafelnikovThomas Enqvist
1998US OpenPatrick RafterMark Philippoussis
1998WimbledonPete SamprasGoran Ivanisevic
1998French OpenCarlos MoyaAlex Corretja
1998Australian OpenPetr KordaMarcelo Rios
1997US OpenPatrick RafterGreg Rusedski
1997WimbledonPete SamprasCedric Pioline
1997French OpenGustavo KuertenSergi Bruguera
1997Australian OpenPete SamprasCarlos Moya
1996US OpenPete SamprasMichael Chang
1996WimbledonRichard KrajicekMaliVai Washington
1996French OpenYevgeny KafelnikovMichael Stich
1996Australian OpenBoris BeckerMichael Chang
1995US OpenPete SamprasAndre Agassi
1995WimbledonPete SamprasBoris Becker
1995French OpenThomas MusterMichael Chang
1995Australian OpenAndre AgassiPete Sampras
1994US OpenAndre AgassiMichael Stich
1994WimbledonPete SamprasGoran Ivanisevic
1994French OpenSergi BrugueraAlberto Berasategui
1994Australian OpenPete SamprasTodd Martin
1993US OpenPete SamprasCedric Pioline
1993WimbledonPete SamprasJim Courier
1993French OpenSergi BrugueraJim Courier
1993Australian OpenJim CourierStefan Edberg
1992US OpenStefan EdbergPete Sampras
1992WimbledonAndre AgassiGoran Ivanisevic
1992French OpenJim CourierPetr Korda
1992Australian OpenJim CourierStefan Edberg
1991US OpenStefan EdbergJim Courier
1991WimbledonMichael StichBoris Becker
1991French OpenJim CourierAndre Agassi
1991Australian OpenBoris BeckerIvan Lendl
1990US OpenPete SamprasAndre Agassi
1990WimbledonStefan EdbergBoris Becker
1990French OpenAndres GomezAndre Agassi
1990Australian OpenIvan LendlStefan Edberg
1989US OpenBoris BeckerIvan Lendl
1989WimbledonBoris BeckerStefan Edberg
1989French OpenMichael ChangStefan Edberg
1989Australian OpenIvan LendlMiloslav Mecir
1988US OpenMats WilanderIvan Lendl
1988WimbledonStefan EdbergBoris Becker
1988French OpenMats WilanderHenri Leconte
1988Australian OpenMats WilanderPat Cash
1987US OpenIvan LendlMats Wilander
1987WimbledonPat CashIvan Lendl
1987French OpenIvan LendlMats Wilander
1987Australian OpenStefan EdbergPat Cash
1986US OpenIvan LendlMiloslav Mecir
1986WimbledonBoris BeckerIvan Lendl
1986French OpenIvan LendlMikael Pernfors
1985Australian OpenStefan EdbergMats Wilander
1985US OpenIvan LendlJohn McEnroe
1985WimbledonBoris BeckerKevin Curren
1985French OpenMats WilanderIvan Lendl
1984Australian OpenMats WilanderKevin Curren
1984US OpenJohn McEnroeIvan Lendl
1984WimbledonJohn McEnroeJimmy Connors
1984French OpenIvan LendlJohn McEnroe
1983Australian OpenMats WilanderIvan Lendl
1983US OpenJimmy ConnorsIvan Lendl
1983WimbledonJohn McEnroeChris Lewis
1983French OpenYannick NoahMats Wilander
1982Australian OpenJohan KriekSteve Denton
1982US OpenJimmy ConnorsIvan Lendl
1982WimbledonJimmy ConnorsJohn McEnroe
1982French OpenMats WilanderGuillermo Vilas
1981Australian OpenJohan KriekSteve Denton
1981US OpenJohn McEnroeBjorn Borg
1981WimbledonJohn McEnroeBjorn Borg
1981French OpenBjorn BorgIvan Lendl
1980Australian OpenBrian TeacherKim Warwick
1980US OpenJohn McEnroeBjorn Borg
1980WimbledonBjorn BorgJohn McEnroe
1980French OpenBjorn BorgVitas Gerulaitis
1979Australian OpenGuillermo VilasJohn Sadri
1979US OpenJohn McEnroeVitas Gerulaitis
1979WimbledonBjorn BorgRoscoe Tanner
1979French OpenBjorn BorgVictor Pecci
1978Australian OpenGuillermo VilasJohn Marks
1978US OpenJimmy ConnorsBjorn Borg
1978WimbledonBjorn BorgJimmy Connors
1978French OpenBjorn BorgGuillermo Vilas
1977Australian OpenVitas GerulaitisJohn Lloyd
1977US OpenGuillermo VilasJimmy Connors
1977WimbledonBjorn BorgJimmy Connors
1977French OpenGuillermo VilasBrian Gottfried
1977Australian OpenRoscoe TannerGuillermo Vilas
1976US OpenJimmy ConnorsBjorn Borg
1976WimbledonBjorn BorgIlie Nastase
1976French OpenAdriano PanattaHarold Soloman
1976Australian OpenMark EdmondsonJohn Newcombe
1975US OpenManuel OrantesJimmy Connors
1975WimbledonArthur AsheJimmy Connors
1975French OpenBjorn BorgGuillermo Vilas
1975Australian OpenJohn NewcombeJimmy Connors
1974US OpenJimmy ConnorsKen Rosewall
1974WimbledonJimmy ConnorsKen Rosewall
1974French OpenBjorn BorgManuel Orantes
1974Australian OpenJimmy ConnorsPhil Dent
1973US OpenJohn NewcombeJan Kodes
1973WimbledonJan KodesAlex Metreveli
1973French OpenIlie NastaseNikola Pilic
1973Australian OpenJohn NewcombeOnny Parun
1972US OpenIlie NastaseArthur Ashe
1972WimbledonStan SmithIlie Nastase
1972French OpenAndres GimenoPatrick Proisy
1972Australian OpenKen RosewallMal Anderson
1971US OpenStan SmithJan Kodes
1971WimbledonJohn NewcombeStan Smith
1971French OpenJan KodesIlie Nastase
1971Australian OpenKen RosewallArthur Ashe
1970US OpenKen RosewallTony Roche
1970WimbledonJohn NewcombeKen Rosewall
1970French OpenJan KodesZeljiko Franulovic
1970Australian OpenArthur AsheDick Crealy
1969US OpenRod LaverTony Roche
1969WimbledonRod LaverJohn Newcombe
1969French OpenRod LaverKen Rosewall
1969Australian OpenRod LaverAndres Gimeno
1968US OpenArthur AsheTom Okker
1968WimbledonRod LaverTony Roche
1968French OpenKen RosewallRod Laver
1968Australian OpenBill BowreyJuan Gisbert
1967US OpenJohn NewcombeClark Graebner
1967WimbledonJohn NewcombeWilhelm Bungert
1967French OpenRoy EmersonTony Roche
1967Australian OpenRoy EmersonArthur Ashe
1966US OpenFred StolleJohn Newcombe
1966WimbledonManuel SantanaDennis Ralston
1966French OpenTony RocheIstvan Gulyas
1966Australian OpenRoy EmersonArthur Ashe
1965US OpenManuel SantanaCliff Drysdale
1965WimbledonRoy EmersonFred Stolle
1965French OpenFred StolleTony Roche
1965Australian OpenRoy EmersonFred Stolle
1964US OpenRoy EmersonFred Stolle
1964WimbledonRoy EmersonFred Stolle
1964French OpenManuel SantanaNicola Pietrangeli
1964Australian OpenRoy EmersonFred Stolle
1963US OpenRafael OsunaFrank Froehling, III
1963WimbledonC.R. McKinleyFred Stolle
1963French OpenRoy EmersonPierre Darmon
1963Australian OpenRoy EmersonKen Fletcher
1962US OpenRod LaverRoy Emerson
1962WimbledonRod LaverMartin Mulligan
1962French OpenRod LaverRoy Emerson
1962Australian OpenRod LaverRoy Emerson
1961US OpenRoy EmersonRod Laver
1961WimbledonRod LaverChuck McKinley
1961French OpenManuel SantanaNicola Pietrangeli
1961Australian OpenRoy EmersonRod Laver
1960US OpenNeale FraserRod Laver
1960WimbledonNeale FraserRod Laver
1960French OpenNicola PietrangeliLuis Ayala
1960Australian OpenRod LaverNeale Fraser
1959US OpenNeale FraserAlejandro Olmedo
1959WimbledonAlejandro OlmedoRod Laver
1959French OpenNicola PietrangeliIan Vermaak
1959Australian OpenAlex OlmedoNeale Fraser
1958US OpenAshley J. CooperMalcolm J. Anderson
1958WimbledonAshley J. CooperNeale Fraser
1958French OpenMervyn RoseLuis Ayala
1958Australian OpenAshley J. CooperMal Anderson
1957US OpenMalcolm J. AndersonAshley J. Cooper
1957WimbledonLewis HoadAshley Cooper
1957French OpenSven DavidsonHerbert Flam
1957Australian OpenAshley J. CooperNeale Fraser
1956US OpenKen RosewallLewis Hoad
1956WimbledonLewis HoadKen Rosewall
1956French OpenLewis HoadSven Davidson
1956Australian OpenLewis HoadKen Rosewall
1955US OpenTony TrabertKen Rosewall
1955WimbledonTony TrabertKurt Nielsen
1955French OpenTony TrabertSven Davidson
1955Australian OpenKen RosewallLew Hoad
1954US OpenE. Victor Seixas Jr.Rex Hartwig
1954WimbledonJaroslav DrobnyKen Rosewall
1954French OpenTony TrabertSven Davidson
1954Australian OpenMervyn RoseRex Hartwig
1953US OpenTony TrabertE. Victor Seixas, Jr.
1953WimbledonE. Victor Seixas Jr.Kurt Nielsen
1953French OpenKen RosewallE. Victor Seixas, Jr.
1953Australian OpenKen RosewallMervyn Rose
1952US OpenFrank SedgmanGardnar Mulloy
1952WimbledonFrank SedgmanJaroslav Drobny
1952French OpenJaroslav DrobnyFrank Sedgman
1952Australian OpenKen McGregorFrank Sedgman
1951US OpenFrank SedgmanE. Victor Seixas, Jr.
1951WimbledonR. SavittKen McGregor
1951French OpenJaroslav DrobnyEric Sturgess
1951Australian OpenDick SavittKen McGregor
1950US OpenArthur LarsenHerbert Flam
1950WimbledonJ.E. PattyFrank Sedgman
1950French OpenBudge PattyJaroslav Drobny
1950Australian OpenFrank SedgmanKen McGregor
1949US OpenRichard A. GonzalesFrederick Schroeder
1949WimbledonF.R. SchroederJaroslav Drobny
1949French OpenFrank ParkerBudge Patty
1949Australian OpenFrank SedgmanJohn Bromwich
1948US OpenRichard A. GonzalesEric W. Sturgess
1948WimbledonR. FalkenburgJohn Bromwich
1948French OpenFrank ParkerJaroslav Drobny
1948Australian OpenAdrian QuistJohn Bromwich
1947US OpenJack KramerFrank Parker
1947WimbledonJack KramerTom P. Brown
1947French OpenJozsef AsbothEric Sturgess
1947Australian OpenDinny PailsJohn Bromwich
1946US OpenJack KramerTom Brown, Jr.
1946WimbledonYvon PetraGeoff E. Brown
1946French OpenMarcel BernardJaroslav Drobny
1946Australian OpenJohn BromwichDinny Pails
1945US OpenFrank ParkerWilliam F. Talbert
1944US OpenFrank ParkerWilliam F. Talbert
1943US OpenLt. Joseph R. HuntSeaman Jack Kramer
1942US OpenFrederick R. Schroeder, Jr.Frank Parker
1941US OpenRobert RiggsFrancis Kovacs, 2d
1940US OpenDonald McNeillRobert Riggs
1940Australian OpenAdrian QuistJack Crawford
1939US OpenRobert RiggsS. Welby van Horn
1939WimbledonRobert RiggsElwood Cooke
1939French OpenWilliam McNeillRobert Riggs
1939Australian OpenJohn BromwichAdrian Quist
1938US OpenDonald BudgeC. Gene Mako
1938WimbledonDonald BudgeHenry Austin
1938French OpenDonald BudgeRoderik Menzel
1938Australian OpenDonald BudgeJohn Bromwich
1937US OpenDonald BudgeGottfried Von Cramm
1937WimbledonDonald BudgeGottfried Von Cramm
1937French OpenHenner HenkelHenry Austin
1937Australian OpenVivian McGrathJohn Bromwich
1936US OpenFred PerryJ. Donald Budge
1936WimbledonFred PerryGottfried Von Cramm
1936French OpenGottfried Von CrammFred Perry
1936Australian OpenAdrian QuistJack Crawford
1935US OpenWilmer L. AllisonSidney B. Wood
1935WimbledonFred PerryGottfried Von Cramm
1935French OpenFred PerryGottfried von Cramm
1935Australian OpenJack CrawfordFred Perry
1934US OpenFred PerryWilmer L. Allison
1934WimbledonFred PerryJack Crawford
1934French OpenGottfried Von CrammJack Crawford
1934Australian OpenFred PerryJack Crawford
1933US OpenFred PerryJohn H. Crawford
1933WimbledonJack CrawfordEllsworth Vines
1933French OpenJohn CrawfordHenri Cochet
1933Australian OpenJack CrawfordKeith Gledhill
1932US OpenH. Ellsworth VinesHenri Cochet
1932WimbledonH. Ellsworth VinesHenry Austin
1932French OpenHenri CochetGiorgo de Stefani
1932Australian OpenJack CrawfordHarry Hopman
1931US OpenH. Ellsworth VinesGeorge M. Lott, Jr.
1931WimbledonS.B. WoodFrancis X. Shields
1931French OpenJean BorotraChristian Boussus
1931Australian OpenJack CrawfordHarry Hopman
1930US OpenJohn H. DoegFrancis X. Shields
1930WimbledonWilliam T. TildenWilmer Allison
1930French OpenHenri CochetWilliam Tilden
1930Australian OpenGar MoonHarry Hopman
1929US OpenWilliam T. TildenFrancis T. Hunter
1929WimbledonHenri CochetJean Borotra
1929French OpenRene LacosteJean Borotra
1929Australian OpenJohn GregoryRichard Schlesinger
1928US OpenHenri CochetFrancis T. Hunter
1928WimbledonRene LacosteHenri Cochet
1928French OpenHenri CochetRené Lacoste
1928Australian OpenJean BorotraR.Cummings
1927US OpenRene LacosteWilliam T. Tilden
1927WimbledonHenri CochetJean Borotra
1927French OpenRene LacosteWilliam Tilden
1927Australian OpenGerald PattersonJohn Hawkes
1926US OpenRene LacosteJean Borotra
1926WimbledonJean BorotraHoward Kinsey
1926French OpenHenri CochetRené Lacoste
1926Australian OpenJohn HawkesJim Willard
1925US OpenWilliam T. TildenWilliam M. Johnston
1925WimbledonRene LacosteJean Borotra
1925French OpenRene LacosteJean Borotra
1925Australian OpenJames AndersonGerald Patterson
1924US OpenWilliam T. TildenWilliam M. Johnston
1924WimbledonJean BorotraRene Lacoste
1924French OpenJean BorotraRené Lacoste
1924Australian OpenJames AndersonRichard Schlesinger
1923US OpenWilliam T. TildenWilliam M. Johnston
1923WimbledonWilliam M. JohnstonFrancis T. Hunter
1923French OpenFrancois BlanchyMax Decugis
1923Australian OpenPat O’Hara WoodC.St.John
1922US OpenWilliam T. TildenWilliam M. Johnston
1922WimbledonGerald PattersonRandolph Lycett
1922French OpenHenri CochetJean Samazeuilh
1922Australian OpenPat O’Hara WoodGerald Patterson
1921US OpenWilliam T. TildenWilliam M. Johnston
1921WimbledonWilliam T. TildenBrian Norton
1921French OpenJean SamazeuilhAndré Gobert
1921Australian OpenRhys GemmellA. Hedeman
1920US OpenWilliam T. TildenWilliam M. Johnston
1920WimbledonWilliam T. TildenGerald Patterson
1920French OpenAndre GobertMax Decugis
1920Australian OpenPat O’Hara WoodRon Thomas
1919US OpenWilliam M. JohnstonWilliam T. Tilden
1919WimbledonGerald PattersonNorman Brookes
1919Australian OpenA.R.F. KingscoteE. Pockley
1918US OpenR. Lindley MurrayWilliam T. Tilden
1917US OpenR. Lindley MurrayNathaniel W. Niles
1916US OpenRichard N. WilliamsWilliam M. Johnston
1915US OpenWilliam M. JohnstonMaurice E. McLoughlin
1915Australian OpenFrancis LoweHorace Rice
1914US OpenRichard N. WilliamsMaurice E. McLoughlin
1914WimbledonNorman BrookesAnthony Wilding
1914French OpenMax DecugisJean Samazeuilh
1914Australian OpenPat O’Hara WoodGerald Patterson
1913US OpenMaurice E. McLoughlinRichard N. Williams
1913WimbledonAnthony WildingMaurice McLoughlin
1913French OpenMax DecugisGeorges Gault
1913Australian OpenE.F. ParkerHarry Parker
1912US OpenMaurice E. McLoughlinWallace F. Johnson
1912WimbledonAnthony WildingArthur Gore
1912French OpenMax DecugisAndré Gobert
1912Australian OpenCecil ParkeA. Beamish
1911US OpenWilliam A. LarnedMaurice E. McLoughlin
1911WimbledonAnthony WildingH. Roper Barrett
1911French OpenAndre GobertMaurice Germot
1911Australian OpenNorman BrookesHorace Rice
1910US OpenWilliam A. LarnedThomas C. Bundy
1910WimbledonAnthony WildingArthur Gore
1910French OpenMaurice GermotFrançois Blanchy
1910Australian OpenRodney HeathHorace Rice
1909US OpenWilliam A. LarnedWilliam J. Clothier
1909WimbledonArthur GoreM.J.G. Ritchie
1909French OpenMax DecugisMaurice Germot
1909Australian OpenTony WildingErnie Parker
1908US OpenWilliam A. LarnedBeals C. Wright
1908WimbledonArthur GoreRoper Barrett
1908French OpenMax DecugisMaurice Germot
1908Australian OpenFred AlexanderAlfred Dunlop
1907US OpenWilliam A. LarnedRobert LeRoy
1907WimbledonNorman BrookesArthur Gore
1907French OpenMax DecugisRobert Wallet
1907Australian OpenHorace RiceHarry Parker
1906US OpenWilliam A. LarnedBeals C. Wright
1906WimbledonLaurie DohertyFrank Riseley
1906French OpenMaurice GermotMax Decugis
1906Australian OpenTony WildingHarry Parker
1905US OpenBeals C. WrightHolcombe Ward
1905WimbledonLaurie DohertyNorman Brookes
1905French OpenMaurice GermotAndré Vacherot
1905Australian OpenRodney HeathA. Curtis
1904US OpenHolcombe WardWilliam J. Clothier
1904WimbledonLaurie DohertyFrank Riseley
1904French OpenMax DecugisAndré Vacherot
1903US OpenHugh L. DohertyWilliam A. Larned
1903WimbledonLaurie DohertyFrank Riseley
1903French OpenMax DecugisAndré Vacherot
1902US OpenWilliam A. LarnedReginald F. Doherty
1902WimbledonLaurie DohertyArthur Gore
1902French OpenM. VacherotMax Decugis
1901US OpenWilliam A. LarnedBeals C. Wright
1901WimbledonArthur GoreReggie Doherty
1901French OpenAndre VacherotP. Lebreton
1900US OpenMalcolm D. WhitmanWilliam A. Larned
1900WimbledonReggie DohertySidney Smith
1900French OpenPaul AymeA. Prévost
1899US OpenMalcolm D. WhitmanJ. Parmly Paret
1899WimbledonReggie DohertyArthur Gore
1899French OpenPaul AymeP. Lebreton
1898US OpenMalcolm D. WhitmanDwight F. Davis
1898WimbledonReggie DohertyLaurie Doherty
1898French OpenPaul AymeP. Lebreton
1897US OpenRobert D. WrennWilberforce Eaves
1897WimbledonReggie DohertyHarold Mahoney
1897French OpenPaul AymeF. Wardan
1896US OpenRobert D. WrennFred H. Hovey
1896WimbledonHarold MahoneyWilfred Baddeley
1896French OpenAndre VacherotG. Brosselin
1895US OpenFred H. HoveyRobert D. Wrenn
1895WimbledonWilfred BaddeleyWilberforce Eaves
1895French OpenAndre VacherotL. Riboulet
1894US OpenRobert D. WrennManliff Goodbody
1894WimbledonJoshua PimWilfred Baddeley
1894French OpenAndre VacherotG. Brosselin
1893US OpenRobert D. WrennFred H. Hovey
1893WimbledonJoshua PimWilfred Baddeley
1893French OpenL. RibouletJ. Schopfer
1892US OpenOliver S. CampbellFred H. Hovey
1892WimbledonWilfred BaddeleyJoshua Pim
1892French OpenJ. SchopferFassitt
1891US OpenOliver S. CampbellClarence Hobart
1891WimbledonWilfred BaddeleyJoshua Pim
1891French OpenH. BriggsP. Baigneres
1890US OpenOliver S. CampbellHenry W. Slocum, Jr.
1890WimbledonWilliam HamiltonWilliam Renshaw
1889US OpenHenry W. Slocum Jr.Quincy Shaw
1889WimbledonWilliam RenshawErnest Renshaw
1888US OpenHenry W. Slocum Jr.Howard A. Taylor
1888WimbledonErnest RenshawHerbert Lawford
1887US OpenRichard D. SearsHenry W. Slocum, Jr.
1887WimbledonHerbert LawfordErnest Renshaw
1886US OpenRichard D. SearsR. Livingston Beeckman
1886WimbledonWilliam RenshawHerbert Lawford
1885US OpenRichard D. SearsGodfrey M. Brinley
1885WimbledonWilliam RenshawHerbert Lawford
1884US OpenRichard D. SearsHoward A. Taylor
1884WimbledonWilliam RenshawHerbert Lawford
1883US OpenRichard D. SearsJames Dwight
1883WimbledonWilliam RenshawErnest Renshaw
1882US OpenRichard D. SearsClarence M. Clark
1882WimbledonWilliam RenshawErnest Renshaw
1881US OpenRichard D. SearsWilliam E. Glyn
1881WimbledonWilliam RenshawJohn Hartley
1880WimbledonJohn HartleyHerbert Lawford
1879WimbledonJohn HartleyV. St. Leger Gould
1878WimbledonFrank HadowSpencer Gore
1877WimbledonSpencer GoreWilliam Marshall

Female Grand Slam Winners

Each Grand Slam tournament didn’t add events for female athletes until years after the men’s event began.

With that in mind, here’s a complete list of female tennis players to win a Grand Slam, starting in 1884.

2022Australian OpenAshleigh BartyDanielle Collins
2021US OpenEmma RaducanuLeylah Fernandez
2021WimbledonAshleigh BartyKarolina Pliskova
2021French OpenBarbora KrejcikovaAnastasia Pavlyuchenkova
2021Australian OpenNaomi OsakaJennifer Brady
2020French OpenIga SwiatekSofia Kenin
2020US OpenNaomi OsakaVictoria Azarenka
2020Australian OpenSofia KeninGarbine Muguruza
2019US OpenBianca AndreescuSerena Williams
2019WimbledonSimona HalepSerena Williams
2019French OpenAshleigh BartyMarketa Vondrousova
2019Australian OpenNaomi OsakaPetra Kvitova
2018US OpenNaomi OsakaSerena Williams
2018WimbledonAngelique KerberSerena Williams
2018French OpenSimona HalepSloane Stephens
2018Australian OpenCaroline WozniackiSimona Halep
2017US OpenSloane StephensMadison Keys
2017WimbledonGarbine MuguruzaVenus Williams
2017French OpenJelena OstapenkoSimona Halep
2017Australian OpenSerena WilliamsVenus Williams
2016US OpenAngelique KerberKarolina Pliskova
2016WimbledonSerena WilliamsAngelique Kerber
2016French OpenGarbine MuguruzaSerena Williams
2016Australian OpenAngelique KerberSerena Williams
2015US OpenFlavia PennettaRoberta Vinci
2015WimbledonSerena WilliamsGarbine Muguruza
2015French OpenSerena WilliamsLucie Safarova
2015Australian OpenSerena WilliamsMaria Sharapova
2014US OpenSerena WilliamsCaroline Wozniacki
2014WimbledonPetra KvitovaEugenie Bouchard
2014French OpenMaria SharapovaSimona Halep
2014Australian OpenLi NaDominika Cibulkova
2013US OpenSerena WilliamsVictoria Azarenka
2013WimbledonMarion BartoliSabine Lisicki
2013French OpenSerena WilliamsMaria Sharapova
2013Australian OpenVictoria AzarenkaLi Na
2012US OpenSerena WilliamsVictoria Azarenka
2012WimbledonSerena WilliamsAgnieszka Radwanska
2012French OpenMaria SharapovaSara Errani
2012Australian OpenVictoria AzarenkaMaria Sharapova
2011US OpenSamantha StosurSerena Williams
2011WimbledonPetra KvitovaMaria Sharapova
2011French OpenLi NaFrancesca Schiavone
2011Australian OpenKim ClijstersLi Na
2010US OpenKim ClijstersVera Zvonareva
2010WimbledonSerena WilliamsVera Zvonareva
2010French OpenFrancesca SchiavoneSamantha Stosur
2010Australian OpenSerena WilliamsJustine Henin
2009US OpenKim ClijstersCaroline Wozniacki
2009WimbledonSerena WilliamsVenus Williams
2009French OpenSvetlana KuznetsovaDinara Safina
2009Australian OpenSerena WilliamsDinara Safina
2008US OpenSerena WilliamsJelena Jankovic
2008WimbledonVenus WilliamsSerena Williams
2008French OpenAna IvanovicDinara Safina
2008Australian OpenMaria SharapovaAna Ivanovic
2007US OpenJustine HeninSvetlana Kuznetsova
2007WimbledonVenus WilliamsMarion Bartoli
2007French OpenJustine HeninAna Ivanovic
2007Australian OpenSerena WilliamsMaria Sharapova
2006US OpenMaria SharapovaJustine Henin-Hardenne
2006WimbledonAmelie MauresmoJustine Henin-Hardenne
2006French OpenJustine Henin-HardenneSvetlana Kuznetsova
2006Australian OpenAmelie MauresmoJustine Henin-Hardenne
2005US OpenKim ClijstersMary Pierce
2005WimbledonVenus WilliamsLindsay Davenport
2005French OpenJustine Henin-HardenneMary Pierce
2005Australian OpenSerena WilliamsLindsay Davenport
2004US OpenSvetlana KuznetsovaElena Dementieva
2004WimbledonMaria SharapovaSerena Williams
2004French OpenAnastasia MyskinaElena Dementieva
2004Australian OpenJustine Henin-HardenneKim Clijsters
2003US OpenJustine Henin-HardenneKim Clijsters
2003WimbledonSerena WilliamsVenus Williams
2003French OpenJustine Henin-HardenneKim Clijsters
2003Australian OpenSerena WilliamsVenus Williams
2002US OpenSerena WilliamsVenus Williams
2002WimbledonSerena WilliamsVenus Williams
2002French OpenSerena WilliamsVenus Williams
2002Australian OpenJennifer CapriatiMartina Hingis
2001US OpenVenus WilliamsSerena Williams
2001WimbledonVenus WilliamsJustine Henin
2001French OpenJennifer CapriatiKim Clijsters
2001Australian OpenJennifer CapriatiMartina Hingis
2000US OpenVenus WilliamsLindsay Davenport
2000WimbledonVenus WilliamsLindsay Davenport
2000French OpenMary PierceConchita Martinez
2000Australian OpenLindsay DavenportMartina Hingis
1999US OpenSerena WilliamsMartina Hingis
1999WimbledonLindsay DavenportSteffi Graf
1999French OpenSteffi GrafMartina Hingis
1999Australian OpenMartina HingisAmelie Mauresmo
1998US OpenLindsay DavenportMartina Hingis
1998WimbledonJana NovotnaNathalie Tauziat
1998French OpenAranxta Sanchez-VicarioMonica Seles
1998Australian OpenMartina HingisConchita Martinez
1997US OpenMartina HingisVenus Williams
1997WimbledonMartina HingisJana Novotna
1997French OpenIva MajoliMartina Hingis
1997Australian OpenMartina HingisMary Pierce
1996US OpenSteffi GrafMonica Seles
1996WimbledonSteffi GrafArantxa Sanchez-Vicario
1996French OpenSteffi GrafArantxa Sanchez-Vicario
1996Australian OpenMonica SelesAnke Huber
1995US OpenSteffi GrafMonica Seles
1995WimbledonSteffi GrafArantxa Sanchez-Vicario
1995French OpenSteffi GrafArantxa Sanchez-Vicario
1995Australian OpenMary PierceArantxa Sanchez-Vicario
1994US OpenAranxta Sanchez-VicarioSteffi Graf
1994WimbledonConchita MartinezMartina Navratilova
1994French OpenAranxta Sanchez-VicarioMary Pierce
1994Australian OpenSteffi GrafArantxa Sanchez-Vicario
1993US OpenSteffi GrafHelena Sukova
1993WimbledonSteffi GrafJana Novotna
1993French OpenSteffi GrafMary Jo Fernandez
1993Australian OpenMonica SelesSteffi Graf
1992US OpenMonica SelesArantxa Sanchez-Vicario
1992WimbledonSteffi GrafMonica Seles
1992French OpenMonica SelesSteffi Graf
1992Australian OpenMonica SelesMary Joe Fernandez
1991US OpenMonica SelesMartina Navratilova
1991WimbledonSteffi GrafGabriela Sabatini
1991French OpenMonica SelesArantxa Sanchez-Vicario
1991Australian OpenMonica SelesJana Novotna
1990US OpenGabriela SabatiniSteffi Graf
1990WimbledonMartina NavratilovaZena Garrison
1990French OpenMonica SelesSteffi Graf
1990Australian OpenSteffi GrafMary Joe Fernandez
1989US OpenSteffi GrafMartina Navratilova
1989WimbledonSteffi GrafMartina Navratilova
1989French OpenAranxta Sanchez-VicarioSteffi Graf
1989Australian OpenSteffi GrafHelena Sukova
1988US OpenSteffi GrafGabriela Sabatini
1988WimbledonSteffi GrafMartina Navratilova
1988French OpenSteffi GrafNatasha Zvereva
1988Australian OpenSteffi GrafChris Evert
1987US OpenMartina NavratilovaSteffi Graf
1987WimbledonMartina NavratilovaSteffi Graf
1987French OpenSteffi GrafMartina Navratilova
1987Australian OpenHana MandlikovaMartina Navratilova
1986US OpenMartina NavratilovaHelena Sukova
1986WimbledonMartina NavratilovaHana Mandlikova
1986French OpenChris Evert-LloydMartina Navratilova
1985Australian OpenMartina NavratilovaChris Evert
1985US OpenHana MandlikovaMartina Navratilova
1985WimbledonMartina NavratilovaChris Evert-Lloyd
1985French OpenChris Evert-LloydMartina Navratilova
1984Australian OpenChris Evert-LloydHelena Sukova
1984US OpenMartina NavratilovaChris Evert-Lloyd
1984WimbledonMartina NavratilovaChris Evert-Lloyd
1984French OpenMartina NavratilovaChris Evert-Lloyd
1983Australian OpenMartina NavratilovaKathy Jordan
1983US OpenMartina NavratilovaChris Evert-Lloyd
1983WimbledonMartina NavratilovaAndrea Jaeger
1983French OpenChris Evert-LloydMima Jausovec
1982Australian OpenChris Evert-LloydMartina Navratilova
1982US OpenChris Evert-LloydHana Mandlikova
1982WimbledonMartina NavratilovaChris Evert-Lloyd
1982French OpenMartina NavratilovaAndrea Jaeger
1981Australian OpenMartina NavratilovaChris Evert
1981US OpenTracy AustinMartina Navratilova
1981WimbledonChris Evert-LloydHana Mandlikova
1981French OpenHana MandlikovaSylvia Hanika
1980Australian OpenHana MandlikovaWendy Turnbull
1980US OpenChris Evert-LloydHana Mandlikova
1980WimbledonR.A. CawleyChris Evert-Lloyd
1980French OpenChris Evert-LloydSylvia Hanika
1979Australian OpenBarbara JordanSharon Walsh
1979US OpenTracy AustinChris Evert-Lloyd
1979WimbledonMartina NavratilovaChris Evert-Lloyd
1979French OpenChris Evert-LloydWendy Turnbull
1978Australian OpenChris O’NeilBetsy Nagelsen
1978US OpenChris EvertPam Shriver
1978WimbledonMartina NavratilovaChris Evert
1978French OpenVirginia RuziciMima Jausovec
1977Australian OpenEvonne Goolagong-CawleyHelen Gourlay
1977US OpenChris EvertWendy Turnbull
1977WimbledonVirginia WadeBetty Stove
1977French OpenMima JausovecFlorenta Mihai
1977Australian OpenKerry ReidDianne Fromholtz
1976US OpenChris EvertEvonne Goolagong-Cawley
1976WimbledonChris EvertEvonne Goolagong-Cawley
1976French OpenSue BarkerRenata Tomanova
1976Australian OpenEvonne Goolagong-CawleyRenata Tomanova
1975US OpenChris EvertEvonne Goolagong-Cawley
1975WimbledonBillie Jean KingEvonne Goolagong-Cawley
1975French OpenChris EvertMartina Navratilova
1975Australian OpenEvonne GoolagongMartina Navratilova
1974US OpenBillie Jean KingEvonne Goolagong
1974WimbledonChris EvertOlga Morozova
1974French OpenChris EvertOlga Morozova
1974Australian OpenEvonne GoolagongChris Evert
1973US OpenMargaret Smith-CourtEvonne Goolagong
1973WimbledonBillie Jean KingChris Evert
1973French OpenMargaret Smith-CourtChris Evert
1973Australian OpenMargaret Smith-CourtEvonne Goolagong
1972US OpenBillie Jean KingKerry Melville
1972WimbledonBillie Jean KingEvonne Goolagong
1972French OpenBillie Jean KingEvonne Goolagong
1972Australian OpenVirginia WadeEvonne Goolagong
1971US OpenBillie Jean KingRosemary Casals
1971WimbledonEvonne GoolagongMargaret Court
1971French OpenEvonne GoolagongHelen Gourlay
1971Australian OpenMargaret Smith-CourtEvonne Goolagong
1970US OpenMargaret Smith-CourtRosemary Casals
1970WimbledonMargaret Smith-CourtBillie Jean King
1970French OpenMargaret Smith-CourtHelga Niessen
1970Australian OpenMargaret Smith-CourtKerry Melville
1969US OpenMargaret Smith-CourtNancy Richey
1969WimbledonAnn Haydon JonesBillie Jean King
1969French OpenMargaret Smith-CourtAnn Jones
1969Australian OpenMargaret Smith-CourtBillie Jean King
1968US OpenVirginia WadeBillie Jean King
1968WimbledonBillie Jean KingJudy Tegart
1968French OpenNancy RicheyAnn Jones
1968Australian OpenBillie Jean KingMargaret Smith-Court
1967US OpenBillie Jean KingAnn Haydon Jones
1967WimbledonBillie Jean KingAnn Jones
1967French OpenFrancoise DurrLesley Turner
1967Australian OpenNancy RicheyLesley Turner
1966US OpenMaria BuenoNancy Richey
1966WimbledonBillie Jean KingMaria Bueno
1966French OpenAnn Haydon JonesNancy Richey
1966Australian OpenMargaret SmithNancy Richey
1965US OpenMargaret SmithBillie Jean Moffitt
1965WimbledonMargaret SmithMaria Bueno
1965French OpenLesley TurnerMargaret Smith
1965Australian OpenMargaret SmithMaria Bueno
1964US OpenMaria BuenoCarole Caldwell Graebner
1964WimbledonMaria BuenoMargaret Smith
1964French OpenMargaret SmithMaria Bueno
1964Australian OpenMargaret SmithLesley Turner
1963US OpenMaria BuenoMargaret Smith
1963WimbledonMargaret SmithBillie Jean Moffitt
1963French OpenLesley TurnerAnn Jones
1963Australian OpenMargaret SmithJan Lehane
1962US OpenMargaret SmithDarlene R. Hard
1962WimbledonKaren SusmanVera Sukova
1962French OpenMargaret SmithLesley Turner
1962Australian OpenMargaret SmithJan Lehane
1961US OpenDarlene R. HardAnn Haydon
1961WimbledonAngela MortimerChristine Truman
1961French OpenAnn HaydonYola Ramirez
1961Australian OpenMargaret SmithJan Lehane
1960US OpenDarlene R. HardMaria Bueno
1960WimbledonMaria BuenoSandra Reynolds
1960French OpenDarlene R. HardYola Ramirez
1960Australian OpenMargaret SmithJan Lehane
1959US OpenMaria BuenoChristine Truman
1959WimbledonMaria BuenoDarlene Hard
1959French OpenChristine TrumanZsuzsi Kormoczy
1959Australian OpenMary Carter ReitanoRenee Schuurman
1958US OpenAlthea GibsonDarlene R. Hard
1958WimbledonAlthea GibsonAngela Mortimer
1958French OpenZsuzsi KormoczyShirley Bloomer
1958Australian OpenAngela MortimerLorraine Coghlan
1957US OpenAlthea GibsonA. Louise Brough
1957WimbledonAlthea GibsonDarlene Hard
1957French OpenShirley BloomerDorothy Head Knode
1957Australian OpenShirley FryAlthea Gibson
1956US OpenShirley FryAlthea Gibson
1956WimbledonShirley FryAngela Buxton
1956French OpenAlthea GibsonAngela Mortimer
1956Australian OpenMary CarterThelma Long
1955US OpenDoris HartPatricia Ward
1955WimbledonLouise BroughBeverly Fleitz
1955French OpenAngela MortimerDorothy Head Knode
1955Australian OpenBeryl PenroseThelma Long
1954US OpenDoris HartA. Louise Brough
1954WimbledonMaureen ConnollyLouise Brough
1954French OpenMaureen ConnollyGinette Bucaille
1954Australian OpenThelma LongJennifer Staley
1953US OpenMaureen ConnollyDoris Hart
1953WimbledonMaureen ConnollyDoris Hart
1953French OpenMaureen ConnollyDoris Hart
1953Australian OpenMaureen ConnollyJulia Sampson
1952US OpenMaureen ConnollyDoris Hart
1952WimbledonMaureen ConnollyLouise Brough
1952French OpenDoris HartShirley Fry
1952Australian OpenThelma LongH. Angwin
1951US OpenMaureen ConnollyShirley Fry
1951WimbledonDoris HartShirley Fry
1951French OpenShirley FryDoris Hart
1951Australian OpenNancye Wynne BoltonThelma Long-Coyne
1950US OpenMargaret Osborne duPontDoris Hart
1950WimbledonLouise BroughMargaret Osborne duPont
1950French OpenDoris HartPatricia Todd
1950Australian OpenA. Louise BroughDoris Hart
1949US OpenMargaret Osborne duPontDoris Hart
1949WimbledonLouise BroughMargaret Osborne duPont
1949French OpenMargaret Osborne duPontNelly Adamson
1949Australian OpenDoris HartNancye Bolton
1948US OpenMargaret Osborne duPontA. Louise Brough
1948WimbledonLouise BroughDoris Hart
1948French OpenNelly LandryShirley Fry
1948Australian OpenNancye Wynne BoltonMarie Toomey
1947US OpenA. Louise BroughMargaret Osborne
1947WimbledonMargaret Osborne duPontDoris Hart
1947French OpenPatricia ToddDoris Hart
1947Australian OpenNancye Wynne BoltonNell Hopman
1946US OpenPauline BetzPatricia Canning
1946WimbledonPauline BetzLouise Brough
1946French OpenMargaret Osborne duPontPauline Betz
1946Australian OpenNancye Wynne BoltonJoyce Fitch
1945US OpenSarah Palfrey CookePauline Betz
1944US OpenPauline BetzMargaret Osborne
1943US OpenPauline BetzA. Louise Brough
1942US OpenPauline BetzA. Louise Brough
1941US OpenSarah Palfrey CookePauline Betz
1940US OpenAlice MarbleHelen Jacobs
1940Australian OpenNancye Wynne BoltonThelma Coyne
1939US OpenAlice MarbleHelen Jacobs
1939WimbledonAlice MarbleKay Stammers
1939French OpenSimone MathieuJadwiga Jedrzejowska
1939Australian OpenEmily WestacottNell Hopman
1938US OpenAlice MarbleNancye Wynne
1938WimbledonHelen Wills MoodyHelen Jacobs
1938French OpenSimone MathieuNelly Adamson
1938Australian OpenDorothy BundyDorothy Stevenson
1937US OpenAnita LizanaJadwiga Jedrzejowska
1937WimbledonDorothy RoundJadwiga Jedrzejowska
1937French OpenHilde SperlingSimone Mathieu
1937Australian OpenNancye WynneEmily Westacott
1936US OpenAlice MarbleHelen Jacobs
1936WimbledonHelen JacobsHilde Kranwinkel Sperling
1936French OpenHilde SperlingSimone Mathieu
1936Australian OpenJoan HartiganNancye Wynne
1935US OpenHelen JacobsSarah H. Palfrey
1935WimbledonHelen Wills MoodyHelen Jacobs
1935French OpenHilde SperlingSimone Mathieu
1935Australian OpenDorothy RoundNancy Lyle
1934US OpenHelen JacobsSarah H. Palfrey
1934WimbledonDorothy RoundHelen Jacobs
1934French OpenMargaret ScrivenHelen Jacobs
1934Australian OpenJoan HartiganMargaret Molesworth
1933US OpenHelen JacobsHelen Wills Moody
1933WimbledonHelen Wills MoodyDorothy Round
1933French OpenMargaret ScrivenSimone Mathieu
1933Australian OpenJoan HartiganCoral Buttsworth
1932US OpenHelen JacobsCarolin A. Babcock
1932WimbledonHelen Wills MoodyHelen Jacobs
1932French OpenHelen Wills MoodySimone Mathieu
1932Australian OpenCoral ButtsworthKatherine Le Messurier
1931US OpenHelen Wills MoodyEileen Bennett Whitingstall
1931WimbledonCilly AussemHilde Kranwinkel
1931French OpenCilly AussemBetty Nuthall
1931Australian OpenCoral ButtsworthMargorie Crawford
1930US OpenBetty NuthallAnna McCune Harper
1930WimbledonHelen Wills MoodyElizabeth Ryan
1930French OpenHelen Wills MoodyHelen Jacobs
1930Australian OpenDaphne AkhurstSylvia Harper
1929US OpenHelen WillsPhoebe Holcroft Watson
1929WimbledonHelen WillsHelen Jacobs
1929French OpenHelen WillsSimone Mathieu
1929Australian OpenDaphne AkhurstLouise Bickerton
1928US OpenHelen WillsHelen J. Jacobs
1928WimbledonHelen WillsLili de Alvarez
1928French OpenHelen WillsE. Bennett
1928Australian OpenDaphne AkhurstEsna Boyd
1927US OpenHelen WillsBetty Nuthall
1927WimbledonHelen WillsLili de Alvarez
1927French OpenKornelia BoumanIrene Peacock
1927Australian OpenEsna BoydSylvia Harper
1926US OpenMolla B. MalloryElizabeth Ryan
1926WimbledonKathleen GodfreeLili de Alvarez
1926French OpenSuzanne LenglenMary Browne
1926Australian OpenDaphne AkhurstEsna Boyd
1925US OpenHelen WillsKathleen McKane
1925WimbledonSuzanne LenglenJoan Fry
1925French OpenSuzanne LenglenKathleen McKane
1925Australian OpenDaphne AkhurstEsna Boyd
1924US OpenHelen WillsMolla B. Mallory
1924WimbledonKathleen McKaneHelen Wills
1924French OpenDiddie VlastoJeanne Vaussard
1924Australian OpenSylvia LanceEsna Boyd
1923US OpenHelen WillsMolla B. Mallory
1923WimbledonSuzanne LenglenKathleen McKane
1923French OpenSuzanne LenglenGermaine Golding
1923Australian OpenMargaret MolesworthEsna Boyd
1922US OpenMolla B. MalloryHelen Wills
1922WimbledonSuzanne LenglenMolla Mallory
1922French OpenSuzanne LenglenGermaine Golding
1922Australian OpenMargaret MolesworthEsna Boyd
1921US OpenMolla B. MalloryMary K. Browne
1921WimbledonSuzanne LenglenElizabeth Ryan
1921French OpenSuzanne LenglenGermaine Golding
1920US OpenMolla B. MalloryMarion Zinderstein
1920WimbledonSuzanne LenglenDorothea Douglass Chambers
1920French OpenSuzanne LenglenMarguerite Broquedis
1919US OpenHazel Hotchkiss WightmanMarion Zinderstein
1919WimbledonSuzanne LenglenDorothea Douglass Chambers
1918US OpenMolla BjurstedtEleanor E. Goss
1917US OpenMolla BjurstedtMarion Vanderhoef
1916US OpenMolla BjurstedtLouise Hammond Raymond
1915US OpenMolla BjurstedtHazel Hotchkiss Wightman
1914US OpenMary BrowneMarie Wagner
1914WimbledonLambert ChambersEthel Larcombe
1914French OpenMarguerite BroquedisSuzanne Lenglen
1913US OpenMary BrowneDorothy Green
1913WimbledonLambert ChambersR. McNair
1913French OpenMarguerite BroquedisJeanne Matthey
1912US OpenMary BrowneEleonora Sears
1912WimbledonEthel LarcombeCharlotte Cooper Sterry
1912French OpenJeanne MattheyMarie Daney
1911US OpenHazel HotchkissFlorence Sutton
1911WimbledonLambert ChambersDora Boothby
1911French OpenJeanne MattheyMarguerite Broquedis
1910US OpenHazel HotchkissLouise Hammond
1910WimbledonLambert ChambersDora Boothby
1910French OpenJeanne MattheyMarguerite Broquedis
1909US OpenHazel HotchkissMaud Barger-Wallach
1909WimbledonDora BoothbyA. Morton
1909French OpenJeanne MattheyGallay
1908US OpenMaud Barger WallachEvelyn Sears
1908WimbledonCharlotte Cooper SterryA. Morton
1908French OpenKate Gillou FenwickA. Pean
1907US OpenEvelyn SearsCarrie Neely
1907WimbledonMay SuttonDorothea Douglass Chambers
1907French OpenComtesse de KermelD. Elva
1906US OpenHelen HomansMaud Barger-Wallach
1906WimbledonDorothea DouglassMay Sutton
1906French OpenKate Gillou FenwickMacVeagh
1905US OpenElisabeth MooreHelen Homans
1905WimbledonMay SuttonDorothea Douglass
1905French OpenKate GillouY. De Pfoeffel
1904US OpenMay SuttonElisabeth Moore
1904WimbledonDorothea DouglassCharlotte Cooper Sterry
1904French OpenKate GillouAdine Masson
1903US OpenElisabeth MooreMarion Jones
1903WimbledonDorothea DouglassE. Thomson
1903French OpenF. MassonKatie Gillou
1902US OpenMarion JonesElisabeth Moore
1902WimbledonMuriel RobbCharlotte Cooper Sterry
1902French OpenF. MassonP. Girod
1901US OpenElisabeth MooreMyrtle McAteer
1901WimbledonCharlotte Cooper SterryBlanche Bingley Hillyard
1901French OpenP. GirodLeroux
1900US OpenMyrtle McAteerEdith Parker
1900WimbledonBlanche Bingley HillyardCharlotte Cooper
1900French OpenY. Prevost
1899US OpenMarion JonesMaud Banks
1899WimbledonBlanche Bingley HillyardCharlotte Cooper
1899French OpenFrancoise Masson
1898US OpenJuliette AtkinsonMarion Jones
1898WimbledonCharlotte CooperL. Martin
1898French OpenFrancoise Masson
1897US OpenJuliette AtkinsonElisabeth Moore
1897WimbledonBlanche Bingley HillyardCharlotte Cooper
1897French OpenFrancoise MassonP. Girod
1896US OpenElisabeth MooreJuliette Atkinson
1896WimbledonCharlotte CooperW. H. Pickering
1895US OpenJuliette AtkinsonHelen Hellwig
1895WimbledonCharlotte CooperH. Jackson
1894US OpenHelen HellwigAline Terry
1894WimbledonBlanche Bingley HillyardE. Austin
1893US OpenAline TerryAugusta Schultz
1893WimbledonLottie DodBlanche Bingley Hillyard
1892US OpenMabel CahillElisabeth Moore
1892WimbledonLottie DodBlanche Bingley Hillyard
1891US OpenMabel CahillEllen C Roosevelt
1891WimbledonLottie DodBlanche Bingley Hillyard
1890US OpenEllen C. RooseveltBertha L. Townsend
1890WimbledonLena RiceM. Jacks
1889US OpenBertha L. TownsendLida D. Voorhes
1889WimbledonBlanche Bingley HillyardLena Rice
1888US OpenBertha L. TownsendEllen Hansell
1888WimbledonLottie DodBlanche Bingley Hillyard
1887US OpenEllen HansellLaura Knight
1887WimbledonLottie DodBlanche Bingley
1886WimbledonBlanche BingleyMaud Watson
1885WimbledonMaud WatsonBlanche Bingley
1884WimbledonMaud WatsonLillian Watson


Here are a handful of common questions players ask about Grand Slams.

Has any tennis player won all four Grand Slams?

Yes. Five players have won all four Grand Slam tournaments in a calendar year, including Don Budge, Maureen Connolly, Rod Laver, Margaret Court, and Steffi Graf. The tennis world refers to this achievement as a Grand Slam.

However, more broadly, more players have won all four Grand Slam tournaments throughout their careers. Here’s are the numbers that have achieved this feat across various disciplines.

  • Singles: 18
  • Doubles: 62
  • Wheelchair Singles: 2
  • Wheelchair Doubles: 18
  • Junior Singles: 1
  • Junior Doubles: 1

*Above figures include men and women.

Why are there only four Grand Slams in tennis?

The Grand Slam tournaments are the oldest and most prestigious in tennis, each playing a vital role in developing the sport.

There are only four because no other tournaments come close to the history, scope, and tradition they each hold.

It’s worth noting that the ATP and WTA do not run these tournaments. Instead, they organize their schedules around them.

With that in mind, there will likely never be another Grand Slam named as it would significantly detract from the emphasis placed on these tournaments, which all four would surely oppose.

Which tennis Grand Slam comes first in the year?

The Australian Open comes first in the year, followed by the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open.

Here are their planned dates for the 2022 season:

  • Australian Open: January 17th – January 30th
  • French Open: May 16th – June 5th
  • Wimbledon: June 27th – July 10th
  • US Open: August 29th – September 11th

Who qualifies for tennis Grand Slams?

Grand Slam singles events have 128 player draws. Of these athletes, 104 qualify through ranking, 16 qualify by winning three qualifying rounds ahead of the tournament, and eight through wildcards.

How are tennis Grand Slam draws determined?

A Grand Slam tournament’s singles draw is determined via three different mechanisms. First, the 104 top-ranked players who sign up for the event automatically qualify.

Next, each tournament hosts qualifying rounds, and players who win three matches make it into the draw. Finally, each major selects eight players for automatic entry as wild cards.

How many rounds in a tennis Grand Slam?

A Grand Slam tournament features a 128 player draw, which results in seven rounds from the first through the finals. Here’s a snapshot of the rounds that take place during each Grand Slam event.

  • First Round: 128 players
  • Second Round: 64 players
  • Third Round: 32 players
  • Fourth Round: 16 players
  • Quarter-Finals: 8 players
  • Semi-Finals: 4 players
  • Finals: 2 players

How many sets in a tennis Grand Slam?

Grand Slam tournaments in singles are best of five sets for men and best of three sets for women. Doubles and all other events, i.e., wheelchair tennis, juniors, etc., are all best of three sets.

Which Grand Slam has the highest prize money?

The US Open offers the highest prize money out of the four Grand Slam tournaments. For the sake of parity, we’re using 2019 pre-pandemic prize money for comparison. Here’s what each event offered.

TouranmentLocal CurrencyUS Dollars
Australian Open$62,500,000$45,134,687
French Open€42,661,000$47,994,051
US Open$57,426,000$57,426,000

How much do tennis players make in Grand Slams?

Tennis players make varying amounts of money relative to how many rounds they win and the discipline they compete in, i.e., singles, doubles, etc.

As an example, here’s what men and women earned playing singles at the US Open in 2021.

RoundTotal Per Player
Round of 16$265,000
Round of 32$180,000
Round of 64$115,000
Round of 128$75,000

Which tennis Grand Slam has the highest attendance?

The Australian Open has the highest attendance out of the four Grand Slam tournaments. For the sake of parity, we’re using 2019 pre-pandemic attendance numbers for comparison.

Here’s what each event offered.

  • Australian Open: 812,000
  • French Open: 480,575
  • Wimbledon: 500,397
  • US Open: 631,134

Which tennis Grand Slam wasn’t played in 2020?

Due to the pandemic, Wimbledon was the only Grand Slam tournament that event organizers canceled.

The Australian Open took place in January before the pandemic hit hard. The French Open, which usually runs in May each year, moved to the end of September, and the US Open kept its regular dates beginning at the end of August.

Who is the youngest tennis Grand Slam winner?

During the Open Era, Martina Hingis is the youngest player to win a Grand Slam tournament winning the 1997 Australian Open at 16 years and 117 days old.

On the men’s side, Michael Chang won the 1989 French Open at 17 years 110 days old, the youngest male in history.

Who is the oldest tennis Grand Slam winner?

Ken Rosewall is the oldest player to win a Grand Slam tournament, defeating Malcolm Anderson 7-6, 6-3, 7-5 at the age of 37 when playing the Australian Open in 1972.

What is a double career Grand Slam in tennis?

A career Grand Slam refers to any player who wins all four Grand Slam tournaments during their career independent of timeframe. A player who wins a double career Grand Slam has accomplished the feat twice.

Which tennis Grand Slam is the most prestigious?

Fans and players widely regard Wimbledon as the most prestigious Grand Slam as it is the oldest of the four majors and carries a significant amount of history and tradition.

Wrapping Up

A Grand Slam in tennis remains one of the highest levels of achievement any tennis player, male or female, can achieve.

Although Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams, two of the best tennis players of all time, have come close to the feat during their careers, they couldn’t quite get it done, which shows how challenging it is to complete the challenge.

I’d argue it’s more challenging than ever, and the pressure is more significant as fans and players place more emphasis on Grand Slam tournaments. With that in mind, it may be many more years before we witness the achievement again.

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