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Bulk Tennis Balls: Best Deals for New & Used [Buyer's Guide]

Bulk Tennis Balls

New & Used Buyer’s Guide

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By Jon Crim

There’s nothing better than the sublime feeling of hitting with a fresh can of tennis balls, not to mention that new ball scent. Unfortunately, since most tennis balls are pressurized, that new ball sensation is fleeting, and it’s not long before you need to replace them.

However, hitting with a fresh can of tennis balls means you have to remember to buy them before your next scheduled hit, which can be annoying, or leave you hitting with some old duds if you forget.

Not only do you have to make a special trip to the local tennis shop or sporting goods store, but you pay a premium buying by individual cans. Buy tennis balls in bulk, and you can avoid the hassle. Plus, you’ll save yourself time and money in the process too.

Of course, tennis isn’t the only reason to hunt down bulk tennis balls. As a school teacher, dog owner, or employee at an elderly care facility, you likely have some practical applications for used tennis balls as well.

In this guide, we’ll provide suggestions for where to buy inexpensive tennis balls in bulk, review how to track down used tennis balls by the dozens, and offer up recommendations for purchase.

Name Type Balls
Penn Championship Pressurized 72
Penn Pro Marathon Pressurized 72
Penn Coach Pressurized 72
Wilson Prime Pressurized 72
Wilson US Open Pressurized 72
Tretorn Micro-X Pressureless 72
Tourna Pressureless 60
Gamma Pressureless 48
Penn Pressureless 48
Wilson Pressureless 18

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Buying Bulk for Tennis

If you’re a tennis player who hits the court on even a semi-regular basis, then buying tennis balls in bulk is a no-brainer.

You’ll save time by avoiding trips to the store, but you’ll also save money by taking advantage of the discounts offered when you make your purchase by the case, bin, or bag.

Let’s do some quick math. On average, you’re going to pay around $3.50 for a single can of new tennis balls. If you buy in bulk, you can find 20 cans for $45, which drops the cost a whopping 35% from the $70 you would have paid for the 20 cans purchased individually.

If your a coach or independent instructor, you’re going to go through tennis balls even faster, so the savings will add up more quickly and ultimately help you earn more money each lesson you teach.

One question you’ll need to ask yourself before you make your purchase is whether or not pressurized or pressureless balls are ideal.

Pressurized Tennis Balls

If you buy tennis balls by the can, you’re purchasing pressurized, which means they contain nitrogen gas to help give them their bounce and responsiveness. In competition, this is the type of ball you’ll find in use, and ideally, it’s the kind of ball you’ll practice with as well.

The biggest downside to pressurized tennis balls is that they don’t last as long after they’ve been opened or in storage, which is why you might consider pressureless tennis balls.

Pressureless Tennis Balls

As their name implies, pressureless tennis balls don’t use nitrogen to get their bounce, and instead, their thicker rubber gives them all the bounce they need to perform well on the court.

When you first play with pressureless tennis balls, you’ll likely notice a difference in the feel of the balls, which have a bit less bounce, play slower, and with a bit less spin. If you play competitively, they may not be a great fit because you’re going to find yourself adjusting from one type of ball to the next, which could put a drag on your performance.

However, if you’re a recreational player, play for fun, or are looking for a more durable practice option that lasts longer then pressureless tennis balls are an excellent option to consider.

They’re also the only balls recommended for use in most ball machines because they can stand up to the intense pressure they endure.

Bulk Tennis Balls for Dogs

If you own a dog, you may be on the hunt for a larger batch of tennis balls as well, which are a favorite toy among pups of all ages and sizes.

Dogs love tennis balls because of their soft texture and bounce, and although most dogs can tear them to shreds easily, they tend to last longer than most of your premium toys bought from the store.

As a pet owner, you could certainly pick up a fresh can at the store, but it can turn into an unnecessarily expensive habit when there are plenty of used tennis balls to go around.

If you’re a fan of pampering your pooch with new tennis balls, then we get it, but we’d recommend you consider pressureless tennis balls, which are more durable and will last longer.

If you’re looking to track down or buy used tennis balls in bulk, we have a few options for you to consider later in this guide.


Tennis balls have become such popular dog toys that pet manufacturers make them solely for that purpose. A popular spin on the classic is colored tennis balls or those that contain a squeaker.

As a bonus, you’ll find multiple sizes of tennis balls with squeakers that cater to different size pets. After all, some dogs can’t fit a standard size tennis ball in their mouth. Plus, while tennis balls are generally safe toys for your pup, you may come across some with less abrasive felt covers.

Unfortunately, while you may find a package that contains a few, you won’t typically find tennis balls with squeakers in bulk because they’re more expensive to make, and the demand isn’t super high. If it’s bulk you’re looking for, regular tennis balls might be your best option.

A Note on Pet Saftey

In general, tennis balls are super safe options for your pet, but there are a couple of things to watch out for to keep it that way.

For starters, you don’t want your dog to choke on the tennis ball. If you have an oversized pet, you might want to get a bigger ball that they can’t swallow. You won’t find these sold in bulk, but it’s better to be safe.

Also, if your dog ends up chewing through and breaking the ball, they could choke on the pieces. That’s why it’s great to track down or buy a large quantity so you can replace their toy before it breaks down.

Finally, the felt covers of tennis balls will tend to collect and hold dirt, sand, and debris that can damage your dog’s teeth over time. Again, as you see this happen, you’ll want to periodically replace them or, at the very least, give them a good rinse after a day at the park or beach.

Chairs, Walkers, and More

Tennis balls offer the right combination of smooth, soft felt, and durable rubber so that they can perform well during a match. However, these unique characteristics also make them perfect for something rather unexpected – tables, chairs, desks, and walkers.

You may have seen tennis balls used on the feet of chairs of a children’s classroom or the bottom of walkers for the elderly. They allow metal or plastic feet to glide effortlessly across the floor without damaging the surface, but they’re also not slippery where they could be unsafe.

You can cut some old tennis balls for the purpose, but be careful doing so as it can be dangerous using a knife or sharp object to pierce the durable surface of a tennis ball. A better option might be pre-cut tennis balls.

Pre-cut Tennis Balls

Perhaps you’re a teacher looking to quiet the desk chairs in your classroom or a physical therapist who wants to help your patients gliding smoothly with their walkers. Either way, buying bulk is the best way to go if you’re looking to save money over the long haul.

Luckily, you can find pre-cut tennis balls in bulk online too. Not only will you save the hassle of cutting the tennis balls, but they’re typically second-hand tennis balls, so they’re much cheaper as well.

Buying New Balls in Bulk

These days, it’s easier than ever to get a hold of a case of tennis balls from popular big box and online retailers who sell large quantities of products at discount prices.

Of course, within the available options, some are better than others, so we’ve picked out our favorites for you to check out.


You’ll find some of the most affordable bulk tennis balls at Costco, but you’ll have to be a member to purchase them.

Head to your local Costco or shop online with free 3-5 day shipping and pick yourself up a 20-pack of Penn Extra Duty Championship tennis balls, which are the official ball of the United States Tennis Association.

All total, that’s 60 pressurized tennis balls at a great price.


For the largest selection of bulk tennis balls, head to Amazon. There you’ll find the most extensive range of bulk tennis balls from all of the top tennis brands at prices that will always beat out buying individual cans.

Here are some of our favorites that offer 72 balls:

  • Penn Championship
  • Penn Pro Marathon
  • Penn Coach
  • Wilson Prime
  • Tretorn Micro-X

If you’re looking for pre-cut tennis balls for chairs and walkers, then Amazon is one of the best options. Here are a few of our top picks:

Last but not least, they’re our go-to option for buying larger quantities of tennis balls for dogs, including the popular squeaker tennis balls.

If you’re looking for something different, you’ll even find a selection of giant tennis balls as toys for dogs.


As most people are aware, Walmart’s claim to fame is its incredibly low prices, and they take the cake when it comes to cheap bulk tennis balls.

Buy a large case with 24 cans of Penn Extra Duty Championship tennis balls and have them shipped free to your house in two days. Use one can of balls every other week, and that’s almost a year’s supply for a total of 72 tennis balls.

Walmart also offers a large bundle of Tourna pressureless tennis balls if you’re looking to give those a try as well.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

If you need a larger quantity of tennis balls today or you prefer to do your shopping in person rather than online, then Dick’s Sporting Goods with stores in nearly every state in the US is likely going to be a great option.

They, of course, have a website where you can shop, but again if you need tennis balls today, you might use their website to check product availability at nearby stores and then head there to pick them up.

Keep in mind that Dick’s maxes out at buying tennis balls by the 12-pack, so they might not be your best bet if you’re looking for larger quantities.


Academy is a specialized sporting goods store that carries a wide range of sporting goods. Although they don’t have as many locations as Dicks, you’ll find them in several states throughout the US, and from what we’ve seen, they offer a broader selection of bulk tennis balls.

Our favorite pick from Academy is the 20-pack of Wilson Championship Extra-Duty Tennis Balls, which you give you a total of 60 tennis balls.

Buying Used Balls in Bulk

If you’re looking for tennis balls, but you’re not planning to use them for playing tennis, then used balls are a great option. If you need a lot of tennis balls, the trick is finding them in bulk at a reasonable price.

Here are some of our favorite places to track down used tennis balls.


If you’ve ever browsed through Craigslist in boredom, you know you can find almost anything there. Craigslist organizes their site by city, so go to your local page and see what people in your area are trying to sell.

Most likely, you’ll find tennis balls in the ‘For Sale’ section under ‘Sporting.’ As an example, I randomly opened the San Diego sporting section and found a box of 20 used tennis balls for 5 dollars – it’s hard to beat that. I’m sure that listing won’t be available by the time you get around to this article, but it goes to show how easy they can be to track down.

Helpful Tip
Save your search on Craigslist and then set up an alert so you’ll receive a notification the next time someone throws them up online. You’d be surprised how often people will even give them away.

On that note, be sure to look at ‘Free’ under ‘For Sale’ section too if you’re looking to track down tennis balls someone is giving away.


When it comes to buying random odds and ends, it’s hard to beat the broad range you can find on eBay, and that includes used tennis balls.

Some sellers will specify if their balls are better for dog toys or actual practice, but either way, you can get large quantities of tennis balls from sellers located all over the country. If you have a specific budget, you can even bid on auctions and avoid spending more than you want.

It turns out that you can even drill down on their site into a section dedicated to tennis balls and filter for used tennis balls to more easily find a seller that offers the quantity and price point you need.

Local Tennis Clubs

Most local tennis clubs will buy massive quantities of tennis balls each season to ensure their students enjoy the best possible learning experience. As a result, they also have to get rid of a large number of tennis balls each season, so contacting them might be an option.

Of course, keep in mind that you likely won’t be the first person who had the bright idea of contacting a tennis club for their leftover tennis balls, and they may already have somewhere they donate them.

Regardless, a friendly phone call and gentle ask to see what they do with their used tennis balls could help get the tennis balls you need. Perhaps the more significant your cause, i.e., a teacher looking for tennis balls for a classroom, the more likely they’ll be to help you out.

Alternatives to Buying in Bulk

The fact that tennis balls go dead is one of the main reasons players will look to purchase them in bulk to save some money. However, there are other ways you can extend the life of your tennis balls, which means you won’t have to buy them as frequently either.

One of the most popular methods is by using a device like the Gexco Tennis Ball Saver, which stores your tennis balls at their original pressure of 14 PSI when you’re not using them to help extend their life.

If you don’t have the upfront cash to purchase a larger quantity of tennis balls or don’t have the room to store a case of tennis balls, then a tennis ball saver might be a great option.

If you can afford to buy in bulk, put a tennis ball saver to use to save the most money over time.

Wrapping Up

Considering there is a wide range of good reasons to buy new and used tennis balls in bulk, we hope this guide has helped you in your search and provided you with a few quality recommendations for where to buy them.

If you play tennis frequently and go through your fair share of tennis balls, we’d encourage you to upcycle them by giving them away or donating to someone that will get some extra use out of them, such as dog owners. You may even be able to recoup a few dollars to apply to your next purchase by selling them on Craigslist or eBay.

Have questions or want to share where you’re finding good deals on tennis balls? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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